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Guinot Hydra Peeling Facial

Guinot’s HYDRA PEEL treatments exfoliate, resurface, moisturize and renew the skin.

Hydra Peeling with Hydra PH uses Phytic Acid while Hydra Peel with Hydrabrasion uses natural cellulose particles and papaya extracts.

Hydra Peeling offers two versions of the peeling component, the first with Acid PH for all skin types; the second, gentler, for sensitive skin with manual Hydrabrasion.

Both versions are completed with a skin regenerating cream and massage phase and then with a soothing, beauty-enhancing mask. In just 45 minutes the skin will feel splendid, beautiful and re-energized. Both treatments minimize brown spots, smooth out the texture of the skin, increase radiance, minimize signs of aging and deeply moisturize the skin. The best suited Hydra Peel treatment is determined on the client’s beauty goal and level of sensitivity.

The skin will look brighter, feel cleaner, fresher and younger regaining its luminosity.

* Erase visible signs of ageing
* Enhance skin’d radiance
* Diminish dark spots
* Brighten skin tone

This treatment is now available in the salon with an offer on a course of treatments.



Hydraclean - The Deep Cleansing Treatment

Glowing skin in 30 minutes! The only deep cleansing treatment that acts simultaneously on both sweat & sebaceous glands. The thermoclean heated electrode diffuses gentle heat that rids excess sebum & toxins followed by a relaxing facial massage. Reveals clean, refreshed & radiant skin. Ideal for all skin types.



Hydradermie2 - The Star of Beauty Treatments

This deep cleansing facial uses advanced technology to allow key active ingredients to penetrate into your skin. Each treatment is tailored to your skins needs, creating optimal results & is ideal for all skin types. This treatment reveals hydrated, radiant and youthful looking skin. Double ionisation for double results!

Facial £51.00

Course of 3 £135.00


Hydradermie2 Lift - The Instant Lifting Treatment

This lifting treatment uses a stimulating current to give the facial muscles a workout. By stimulating the nerve endings to produce a contraction, this facial sculpts muscles to create a lifting effect. It also increases lymphatic circulation to help drain away toxins, reducing puffiness.

Facial (60 mins) £54.00

Course of 3 £145.00


Lift Express (30 mins) £41.50

Course of 6 £220.00

Cosure of 9 £325.00


Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe

This is a combination of the Hydradermie & the
Hydradermie Lift. This deep cleansing & lifting facial rehydrates the skin, restores muscle volume and tone and reveals radiant and youthful skin.

Facial £64.00

Course of 3 £170.00



Hydradermie Youth

This real alternative to aesthetic medicine visibly rejuvenates the skin by using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy to stimulate cellular activity. The treatment can be tailored to your skins specific needs to give a hydrated and more youthful looking skin.

Facial £62.00




Hydradermie Youth Lift

A skincare treatment that uses a gentle micro-current to stimulate the facial muscles, visibly rejuvenating facial features by increasing muscle tone. Instantly gives a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance. 

Facial £65.00


Lift Express £48.00

Course of 6 £259.00

Course of 9 £375.00


Hydradermie Youth Lift Deluxe

Can't decide between the Hydradermie Youth and the Hydradermie Youth Lift? Then treat yourself to the Hydradermie Youth Lift Deluxe! It's combines all stages of the two treatments into one ultimate Guinot treatment! Our best selling treatment at Pure K! 

Facial £80.00

Course of 3 £210.00





More information about the full range of Guinot Products available can be found on the Guinot website
















Liftosome - Rejuvenating-Lifting Facial

A treatment totally dedicated to the firmness and youthfulness of the skin, thanks to the key ingredient pro collagen concentrate and the modelling effect of the thermal setting mask. This treatment recreates youthfulness and firmness of your skin by diminishing signs of ageing.  

Facial £55.00



Age Summum

Discover the ultimate anti-ageing manual facial from Guinot. This treatment begins with Dermabrasion exfoliating cream to eliminate dead skin cells followed by a Regenerating anti-ageing serum containing Pure Vitamin C to stimulate cellular renewal. Then an anti-ageing massage containing hyaluronic acid to hydrate and firm the skin finished with an active Pro-collagen mask to restore radiance. Ideal for anyone concerned with signs of ageing!



Liftsome Double Lift

This is a combination of the Hydradermie Lift and the
Liftosome. This treatment recreates youthfulness and
firmness by giving an instant lifting effect.  

Facial £70.00


Aromatic Facial - Beauty Care with Essential Oils

Relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage
and a customized combination of plant extracts and essential oils to suit your skins needs. This utterly relaxing facial balances the skin, softens fine lines, restores radiance, lifts your senses and instils an overall feeling of well-being.  

Facial £44.00


Beaute Neuve - Double Peeling

This peeling facial ideal for all skin types uses
fruit enzymes, amino acids and vitamins to gently exfoliate and soften the skin, revealing a truly
radiant complexion.


Course of 3 £120.00 (Must be used within 1 month)